FPGA Development Board Altera Xilinix Risc-V SoC FII-PE7030

FII-PE7030 Development and Experiment Board (FPGA Development Board Altera Xilinix Risc-V SoC FII-PE7030 )

Basic Experiment Functions:

FII-PE7030 is a ready-to-use for educational platform which has been designed to cover FPGA development and experiment,  ARM SOC development and experiment,  network(copper or fiber) development ,digital communication and SDR(software define radio) with daughter board FII-BD9361 plug on.  It was designed for use for university students, teachers, and other professionals.  FII-PE7030 is an incredibly flexible processing platform, capable of adapting to whatever your project requires. More surprising show up that recently Engineers has successful port RISC-V(RV32G) and RV64I to this platform, it becomes a real RISC-V SOC platform.


wireless Communication
DBC(digital base band communication) and DSP
SDR Software defined radio
LTE protocol analysis
4/5G  base station

Network communication:
100M/1G  ethernet communication both for PS and PL
10G SFP+  fibre communication with multiple protocol supported like LAN, SONET/SDH, CPRI etc.
Network sitch and router
Spanning  Tree

1 480M high speed USB2.0  HUB
4 480M high speed USB2.0  connectors

RISC-V CPU 32bit ecosystem development ,verification and validation
RISC-V CPU 64bit ecosystem development,verification and validation

Artificial Intelligence:
Audio or Voice Collection, Speech Recognition
Image Acquisition and Image Recognition, Deep Learning

IOT: ALL kinds of IOTs with RISC-V system

FII-PE7030 Hardware Resources:

  1. 2 ports 10G Ethernet(Fibre)
  2. 2 ports100M/1G Ethernet, one for PS and for PL
  3. 1 HDMI output Interface。
  4. dual channel Audio Interface
  5. AD9361 Interface(FMC-LPC)
  6. 8 LEDs
  7. 2×8 switches
  8. 8 buttons
  9. GPIO Expansion Port
  10. JTAG Debug Interface
  11. 1GB ddr3 –SOC(PS)
  12. 1GB ddr3—FPGA(PL)
  13. SDCARD Interface
  14. 32M Serial FLASH
  15. Serial EEPROM
  16. 12bit 1MPS ADC
  17. Temperature Sensor



Newest version:


Old Version

PE7030 SideView
PE7030 Case